Giovanni Castagnola
Phases of building
Phases of building
Phases of building
Since the first steps of working is possible to have an idea about how new yachts will be: impressive, elegant, with extraordinary living spaces.
Phases of building Phases of building  

Costuzioni Navali Tigullio:
Love for sea, passion for wood

Costruzioni Navali Tigullio began its activity in 1974 for the will of Giovanni Castagnola, owner of the shipyard and highly experienced craftsman.

Strong supporter of the wood conception proper of the oldest shipyard tradition, Mr. Castagnola leads his yard with coherence for innovation and tradition, with his own unique style. For about 50 years he has devoted himself to the production of all-woods boats.
Since the start of his activity Castagnola has followed personally all the steps of working, from the construction of the keel to the launching of his yachts.

Creating a wooden motoryacht requires experience, passion and, above all, high skills.
Costruzioni Navali Tigullio can count on a workforce versed in traditional skills, able to handcraft authentic masterpieces of ebonistery.

The use of wood in yacht construction meets the shipowner's most pretentious demands.

All materials are carefully selected: iroko is used for the keel and prow with a peculiar way of manufacturing; mahogany for the drift, the longerons and the battens of the hull. Teak is employed instead for the deck bridge.
All building materials are approved and tested for the marine environement.

Planking of sides and keel is in a triple layer of marine mahogany which is crossed, sticked, and screwed to the frames. Thickness of planking varies from 24 to 35 millimetres, according to the yacht dimension and to the power of the engines installed.
All motoryachts are of latest technology, in order to increase their life span and reduce their maintenance.
Their typical "v"-shaped keel" and years of experience and testing keep assuring Tigullio motoryachts excellent performances.

All crafts are classified with a "Malta Cross", the first class for pleasure ships and boats; furthermore they boast the supervision of the Italian Register of Shipping, of Loyd Register of Shipping and/or other appropriate authorities.

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